A Very Imperfect Rendering (2007)

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In a society where rapid change is constant, artists have been afforded the opportunity to be a calm and clear voice in the midst of chaos, holding up a mirror to the public to in order to help reveal its identity. Artists consistently take on the role as a reflector, asking the questions: "who am I, what does it matter, why should we care, what the hell am I doing, why is it important," that we all must ask ourselves.

Through the use of installation, video, performance and text-based artwork, Visser poses questions that have no answer or answers that are unspoken. Through this questioning Visser projects an identity towards the audience that blurs conventional boundaries, keeping some secrets close and writing others in a bold black line. Exploring her personal history, Visser maintains her identity while allowing the viewer to see themselves within the artwork.

Photographs of the exhibition courtesy B. Shiva Mayer.

Click to view videos from the exhibition:

Artist Statement
51 Top Reasons
This is how much I don't love you anymore: an unclear analysis based on the reaction of a cat
Family Portrait