And though you die bird, you will have a fine view: A sort of prayer for some sort of rare grace (2007)

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The conclusive evidence of Dr. Duncan MacDougall in 1907 was that the human soul weighs 21 grams (the amount of weight lost at the immediate time of death). This would lead us to believe that there is in fact, such a thing as a soul, and it is a tangible part of our beings. This would lead us to believe that the soul, in departing from the body, would be on its way to a new destination.

Two fundamental questions that are keeping me occupied these days:
1) Is there a soul?
2) If there is a soul what happens to it after we die?

These questions can’t be answered but through Speculation and Intuition. Nothing regarding the soul can be scientifically proven as it evades – by its very nature – any provable methods. It is the same as referring to the Heart and suggesting a relationship to experiences like Love and Heartbreak.

Coming from a strong Christian upbringing but shying away from it over the past several years, I wanted to investigate the future of my soul, and what could possibly save it (assuming that the current lack of religiosity in my life would doom my soul). The work in the show represents my own interpretation of what the state of My Soul is at this point in my life. I have not sought any type of Redemption; I have not prayed to god or anyone else in years, I have not confessed my sins to anyone who could possibly offer me Absolution. And yet I feel like that is ok. Everything Is Going To Be Ok.