Dear Established Artist, correspondence from an emerging artist (2006)

The content of the bookwork is a series of emailed responses from “established’ artists of the website, responding to my personal request for advice, as an emerging artist. The bookwork was conceptualized and compiled as an evolution of an email project for the Disconnected show (Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston, 2006).

The artists whose emails are included in the book are: Ingrid Bachmann, Jon Baturin, Catherine Beaudette, David Blatherwick, John Brown, Kate Brown, Brian Burnett, Ed Burtynsky, Robert-Ralph Carmichael, June Clark, Karen Cornelius, Pierre Coupey, Marlene Creates, Julie Duschenes, Andy Fabo, Frances Ferdinands, Monique Genton, Adrian Gollner, Pnina Granirer, Catherine Heard, Lucy Hogg, Natalka Husar, Rae Johnson, Holly King, Christian Kiopini, Miklos Legrady, Micah Lexier, Naomi London, Graham Metson, Marie-Jeanne Musiol, Terry Pfliger, Mary Reardon, Frank Rodick, Judy Singer, Daniel Solomon, Linda Stanbridge, Monica Tap, George Webber, Bert Weir, and Catherine Widgery. The bookwork is self-published in Kingston, Ontario.

The goal of the bookwork was to provide a “guide” for my classmates in our year of graduation from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Queen’s. The project included an exchange/gift-giving to my classmates, where I gave each of them a copy of the book and they were invited to give me something in return. I received pieces of art, song lyrics and notes, secrets, books and the scarf I am wearing as I write this.