By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept... (2010)

You are so good at performing life. It isn’t attractive to be heart-broken all the time. You must learn to act at loving and small talk and buying groceries.

Each of the quilts in the Untitled: By Grand Central Station I sat down and Wept series is a quotation from the text By Grand Central Station I sat down and Wept - written by Elizabeth Smart (1966), in the style of prose poetry. In the book, the unidentified female protagonist falls in love with a married man and goes through very distinct phases of deep feeling. The quilts reflect my own interpretation of these feelings, and result in a creation of a non-linear narrative about love, guilt, and relationships.

When I first read the book I didn’t cry, but I felt a slight pain (I think this is called heartache).
How to get over heartbreak:
1)Pretend everything is going to be fine
2)Then, everything is fine.

Each quilt is approximately 48 x 40 inches.