Confessions (2006)

I’ve shown you mine, will you show me yours? Coordination of exchange, simulation of a secure environment, trust.

The Confessions project began as a seemingly unsuccessful performance, which facilitated the exchange of a pre-written chosen confession/secret of my own with a spontaneous confession written by a passerby. This developed into a site-specific installation and performance, facilitated by the Union Gallery’s Out of Site: Art Negotiating Neglected Spaces (spring 2006).

In this phase of the project, I chose an outdoor space that had concrete pillars, stones and earth, and went through a 12-hour cleansing ritual. I organized the objects of the ground into categories: large stones, small stones, sticks, pine needles, cigarette butts, refuse, etc., all the while encouraging passerby’s to write a secret or a confession on the concrete in chalk. I also kept a record of my activities and feelings (internal and external) by writing approximately twice every hour in chalk on the concrete walls. This project also included a blog (, which maintained contributors anonymity when they chose to write a confession. Additionally, I also received various confessions written on paper. My goal in this phase of the Confessions project was to both create a space that I felt secure in, colonizing a certain area of the outdoors for my own security, as well as to facilitate an exchange between confessors. I have learnt that anonymity is attractive. I can keep your secrets.

The most recent evolution of this project was a sound installation at an an outdoor alternative venue in a downtown residential neighbourhood (Swamp Ward Window Gallery, 448 Bagot Street, Kingston). Readings of the confessions I’ve received were projected out onto the street. This phase also incorporated the blog and a request for written confessions.

Click here to view some of the confessions submitted by participants.