Love Will Tear Us Apart (2007)

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there’s not a whole lot of theorizing that can be done about this song.

it is what it is. ian curtis was depressed, suicidal, ill, having an affair, god knows what else. love is not easy and there are a lot of things that might hinder our ability to love, complications that we can’t always control. ‘love will tear us apart’ leaves no room for negotiation. lately, i have been talking a lot about love. there’s nothing i can say that would ever make anyone feel good about losing love.

my mother once asked me why i couldn’t seem to engage in a lasting relationship. i told her it was a symptom of the time i am living in. the truth is don’t have faith in love.

different scenarios for when love will tear us apart:

1. having an affair
2. death
3. having a forbidden love
4. lies
5. loving someone so much you are driven apart
6. loving someone so much you are driven apart from your family
7. loving someone so much you are driven apart from your friends
8. capitalism
9. self-love
10. making mistakes and hoping that your love can withstand them
11. being physically or emotionally torn apart by love
12. geography
13. mental illness
14. consequences
15. loving someone who loves something or someone else more
16. exhaustion
17. obsessive love that does more harm than good
18. loving but not being in love

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