the way we describe goodness (2010)

The way we describe goodness is a research project, at the core of which is conversation and intuitive observation. Engaging with collaborator-participants in self-reflexive actions and topics, I investigate the levels at which morality is subjective: exploring the end of the means.

I have work shopped the eventual outcomes of our lived activity as it relates to good and bad. I have conducted conversational research, evaluated based on personal instinct and emotive responses, in order to compile a comprehensive report of my research findings. These research findings are presented in the form of a series of published material containing descriptive deconstructions of our conversations, statistics and mapping, photographs and memories: involving not the individual participants but the atmosphere, the way we shift in the sunlight, the smell of the rain and the way we describe goodness.

This project was realized for and through Beyond Former Heaven at the Banff Centre, Alberta.